About Homeoure

Have you ever wanted to buy home furniture, home appliances, or decor products and got confused about which product to finalize to purchase? Or, worse, purchased a product only to learn later that you didn’t get the right one according to your needs? I have, and that is why I started homeoure.

Homeoure is a leading home & office furniture guides & reviews blog to help you build your dream environment.

Mission of Homeoure

The mission of homeoure is simple: To create world’s best home furniture, appliances, and decor products reviews platform.

Our Belief

I believe that world’s best home appliances reviews are based on unbiased, independent testing of every product, and users insights that help visitors to select the right products according to their budget, needs, and interests.

Homeoure Vision

I and all my Homeoure team members describe our work as Information You Can Rely On because of our dedication to create unbiased and independent reviews based on our detailed hands-on testing results.

Homeoure Product Testing Process Overview

Here is the process of how we test the products listed on homeoure:

  1. We select the top items in each category.
  2. We purchase all those top selected products at retail just like you. (Note: We highly believe in providing unbiased and independent reviews. So, we don’t accept any kind of offer from manufacturers about free products for evaluation).
  3. Homeoure products testing team test the products and compare them with each other, according to its sole-purpose and user needs. We assess the reliability, ease of use, and comfort of every item.
  4. We rank them depending on all the above mentioned common features and explain why we are recommending it.
  5. Once the testing is done and article has been written, we sell those products. Also, we keep an eye at user reviews about our recommended products to make sure that manufacture is maintaining the quality. Incase of any kind of issue in quality, we change their ranking in the article or remove them(depending on severity).

Read about Homeoure product testing process in detail.

Homeoure Team Introduction

As I am orthopedic by profession, I hired a team of experts to help me in my endeavor. Together we have built this amazing platform where we were able to share honest reviews and guides to help not only my patients but also various people around the world.

We aim to help people who are looking for need-specific chairs or recliners. Mainly, we aim to help people with back pain or other long-term sitting problems. Our team is dedicated to the comfort of their readers. 


How We Earn from Reviews

Our mission is to create world’s most trustworthy home products reviews free-platform. We research, retail, and review products independently. We make money when you go through our affiliate links and purchase products we have reviewed.

No Freebies for promotion

We highly believe in providing unbiased and independent reviews. So, we don’t accept any kind of offer from manufacturers about free products for evaluation. Our focus is on creating content which helps our visitors to choose the best available product in the market according to their needs.