How to Sit in Office Chair during Pregnancy?

As much of a beautiful journey pregnancy is, we must not overlook the discomfort it brings with it, especially during sleeping and sitting. There are many mums out there who work till the last trimester.

Sitting posture has a great impact on your back since your belly pushes forward which puts pressure on your back. This guide on how to sit in an office chair during pregnancy might help many office-going mums to be.

How to sit in office chair during pregnancy?

how to sit in office chair during pregnancy

The topic of how discomforting pregnancy isn’t talked about too often. You are growing a whole human inside you which is beautiful but also emotionally and physically taking.

There should be so much awareness about the proper sitting position during this time period, especially for the mums who go to the office. Many women complain about an achy back that happens due to bad sitting posture most of the time.

There are certain ways to sit in an office chair to support your back, and maintain your posture. Bad posture can also affect the baby in a negative way, therefore you must follow these ways to make more room for the baby.

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Recommended Ways to Sit in Office Chairs during Pregnancy

Ways to Sit in Office Chairs during Pregnancy

First of all, get an ergonomic office chair for pregnancy. An ergo-chair supports your posture and prevents you from a misaligned spine. A misaligned spine puts so much pressure on your back which leads to overall achy muscles and back.

Secondly, keep your back straight when you sit down on an office chair. While doing this avoid bending your shoulders because it will overstretch your upper back muscles. Straighten your shoulders and keep your chest out.

Some women experience pain in their pelvis region and lower back. This also sometimes occurs due to bad sitting positions. Try keeping a space between your knees. This eases the tension in your pelvis. Moreover, keep a lumbar support pillow for your lumbar region to prevent lower back pains.

Sometimes, you might often experience heavy legs. This happens when you keep your legs in one position. Try crossing your legs while sitting in an office chair to keep a good blood flow to the lower region of your body.

Lastly, try working on a high desk to prevent your back from bending. So this is how you should be sitting in an office chair when you are pregnant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is an office chair different from a regular chair?

Yes, the office chair is specially designed for desk jobs, it has full back support and often comes with neck and lumbar support. Moreover, the office chair is fully padded, which adds to the total comfort level. In general, office chairs minimize neck and back pains.

How to sit in an office chair during pregnancy?

There are certain ways to sit in an office chair during pregnancy. For instance, you should always keep your spine straight having proper lumbar support to your lower back. Moreover, keep your shoulder straight to avoid neck and upper back pain.

Does your posture affect the baby?

Yes, sitting in a certain way may affect the baby during pregnancy. Sitting with your back bending exerts pressure on the baby in your belly. Not only that, it also causes back pains in the mums. Therefore, if you are expecting a baby, it is necessary you take care of your posture while sitting.

Final Thoughts about Sitting During Pregnancy

Many mums choose to work out even in the last month of their pregnancy. This is truly heroic because sitting in an office chair with a full tummy isn’t easy. It invites back and overall body pains. Therefore, it is necessary to have good posture while sitting in an office chair. Many of my mums might relate to this article and I hope this article proves to be a good source of information.

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