How We Test and Review the Products

We use a simple but effective product testing process. We test each product before ranking it on our review list.

Our Product Testing Process

Here is the process of how we go about it:

  • We conduct extensive research to select the top products in each category. We review a wide range of chairs, recliners, and cushions.
  • After selecting the products, we shortlist them based on additional research. Reading customer reviews, surfing the internet, and watching videos about the product.
  • Once we have our top selections, we purchase the products through retail. Our reviews are completely independent and unbiased. We do not accept any sponsored products from any of the brands and evaluate self-purchased products.
  • After purchasing all the products, our team begins the testing phase. Each product goes through a series of tests based on user needs, reliability, performance, and ease of use.
  • We start by testing the product’s durability, reliability, and features. Once the physical state of the product is tested, we move to its functions.
  • To test the functional capacity of the product, multiple people, each of different physiques and sizes are asked to sit on the chair or recliner and move as they please.
  • After they have used the chair for about an hour, we ask for their opinion on the comfort level of the chair.
  • Similarly, we conduct a series of tests using physical force to test the limits of the product’s flexibility and durability.
  • Based on the results of our tests, we rank these products in the review list on our website.
  • Each product is tested differently. For example, the best chair for older people will be tested by older people and we will consider their opinion on it.
  • After we have posted our review on the website, we will update it from time to time. We keep a close watch on the customer reviews and if any problem in the product is mentioned, we make sure to verify it and let our readers know about it.
  • All the products are resold after testing. We maintain an independent sale and purchase system and do not accept any free evaluation products from any of the brands.

Products We Review at Homeoure

We purchase, test, and review a wide range of chairs and recliners. A unique set of tests is developed for each category to test the product’s ability to meet user needs.

Currently, we are testing and reviewing the following products:

  • Chairs (Office Chairs, Home Chairs, Pain Relief Chairs)
  • Recliners (Office Recliners, Home Recliners, Pain Relief Recliners)
  • Home Furniture
  • Cushions

Products in each category are tested and reviewed by independent teams. We are not partnered with or sponsored by any brands. So, our reviews are completely unbiased and free from any kind of influence.

Although we are just focusing on these products at the moment, we plan to expand our team and also cover a wide range of other furniture products in the future.

Homeoure Product Testing Team

Our team has only one goal: To provide readers with reliable information that can help them make their lives easier.

When it comes to chairs or recliners, the wrong choice can be really upsetting. So, our expert team makes sure you get the right product for your needs.

Besides our expert supervision staff, we have a flexible product testing team. We hire several people to push our independently purchased products to their absolute limit. In this way, we can test every aspect of the products including the specific needs or problems a random user might face with the chair or recliner.

Terry Crews MD. (Orthopedic) – Founder of Homeoure

Terry Crews is founder of Homeoure who decided to start Homeoure when his patients complained about not finding the right or comfortable chair for their different type of back pains. Now, Homeoure makes him able to share honest reviews to help not only his patients but also various people around the world.

Leanne King – HR Manager

Leanne King is the HR Manager at Homeoure. After completing her bachelor’s in HR and Management, Leanne moved to Masters in HR Development. With over 25 years of HR experience in both the public and private sectors, she was the perfect choice to lead Homeoure office products team. Also, she is in charge of hiring and managing all the teams at Homeoure.

Alexandra Adams – Interior Designer

Alexandra started working with us in 2014 and helped us shape the very core of Homeoure. Her vast knowledge of interior design, furniture, and aesthetic appeal of furniture allowed us to help Homeoure readers to their utmost satisfaction.