Fixing And Resetting An Electric Recliner

Having the electric or power recliner allows consumers to enjoy more comfort because, unlike manual ones, they can recline to different levels. To adjust the chair’s level of recline to your preference and relax in the comfortable seat, you just simply have to press the knobs on the side of a recliner. Sometimes, the electric recliner’s mechanism malfunctions or you have a problem with it.

Moreover, most electric recliners contain a safety feature that causes the engine to shut off if it appears that your chair has become overloaded from being used too frequently. Excitingly, you don’t need to call a maintenance worker immediately to solve this problem. You may attempt to fix this problem yourself if you have the requisite skills owing to the reset button on a recliner. With it, fixing an electric recliner won’t be too difficult.

Fixing and Resetting an Electric Recliner – Detailed Guide

Fixing And Resetting An Electrical Recliner
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The electric recliner reset button can be used to change the chair’s functionality making it useful for repairing all electrical problems. In this article, I will discuss the working of a reset button on an electric recliner along with some major issues by which an electrical recliner stops working and why we need to reset the machine.

Step by Step Guide to Fix an Electric Recliner

Guide to Fix An Electric Recliner
Infographic: Guide to Fix An Electric Recliner

1. Switch off recliner

You can continue if your recliner is already turned off. Nonetheless, if it’s not already off, switch it off. On your recliner, look for an OFF or STOP button. Press that button, then wait for a brief period before moving on to the next step. Above all, to make it simple to locate power cords later on if necessary, it might be useful to plug in an electrical outlet close to your recliner.

2. Check all the parts of a recliner

The next thing you ought to do is make sure to check every component of the electrical system of your recliner. To be more precise, you need to examine the most important areas of your recliner. These parts include a power source, internal or external motor for hand control lift, switch boxes ( present behind the chair or in the back frame), massagers and heating components.

While the best electric recliners may contain all of them, some chairs may only have a few components since they have distinct characteristics. To make it simpler to determine which portion is malfunctioning, make a list of all the components that come with your chair. After which, it will become easy for you to test all the parts.

3. Test the transformer of a recliner

A step-down transformer is installed in electric recliners. It is located at the base of the chair on the ground. Sometimes a wire may have gotten pinched or even damaged owing to the recliner’s movement, which can cause a transformer to burn out. Look at the panel on your transformer when you find it.

When connected to power, there should always be a green light on. If the transformer is showing a red light, there may be a problem with the transformers and you probably won’t be able to replace it yourself. You should notify the problem of the retailer and demand them to get your chair fixed if it is still covered under the warranty.

4. Recliner power supply issue

Remove your recliner’s plug from the outlet. The easiest thing to do is to check the circuit with a voltmeter to determine whether there is a stationary current. Simply connect your chair to a different outlet if you discover a problem, such as no current or fluctuating current, and it should resume working normally.

Use a small bulb as a backup voltmeter if you don’t have one on hand to check this. Check to see if the bulb turns on by plugging it into the socket you have been using. If it doesn’t, there may be a problem with this specific connection.

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How to Reset a Recliner?

There is really just one more thing to attempt if none of the methods listed above have been able to resolve your problem. This will completely reset your device and return it to its factory default settings. Sometimes glitches might lead to problems, so if you modify any of the settings, the system can not recognize the changes and become baffled.

Again, since every model is unique, it is advisable to read the handbook for your specific model. But if you can’t find it and haven’t been able to discover one online, we’ll help by providing the most typical locations. Normally, you have two distinct reset options. To start, search for a tiny pinhole next to your open and close buttons; it should be marked “reset.”

Once you’ve found it, insert your pin and hold it there for a few minutes, which should initiate the reset procedure. You must unplug your chair from the power source in order to execute a hard reset. Then, repeat the reset procedure, this time keeping the pin at rest for a few moments. It will hopefully enable your product to factory reset. After that you can easily stick to your desired settings. You can also read a detailed guide about an electric recliner stuck in open position.

FAQs about Recliner Maintenance

What is the importance of a reset button?

A reset button on a power recliner clears the machine’s memory and causes it to reboot.

Does resetting a recliner need a technician?

The good news is that you don’t need to contact a maintenance worker to fix this issue. Owing to the resetting option on a recliner, you can try to solve this issue on your own if you have the necessary expertise.

Where is a reset button located on a recliner?

Between the open and closing buttons is a reset button. You can restart the device by pushing a clip through the opening. This step will cause the chair to restart. For two to three minutes, unplug your chair. If you are unable to access the hole, simply plug it back in.

Final Verdict

If your power recliner is not functioning properly and no you find no solution to fix the problem. There is an open and close option on the hand control of power recliners. In the middle of those buttons, there is a tiny hole. The reset button is there. Put a paperclip to keep it down as you press it.

In some cases, recliner remote control has a little hole in it where the reset button is located. The size of this hole will be approximately a third of an inch wide and around half an inch deep. The shape of the button is a basic triangle and has no slant either.

To pry up the housing of your remote control, use your nails or another thin tool. Avoid using any kind of metal stick as you might harm internal components. By applying this simple procedure, you can simply reset the product. Furthermore, you don’t have to call a technician to spend extra money on service.

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