How to Measure Recliner Springs? Ultimate Guide for DIYers

Recliner chairs are a popular addition to any home or office, providing ultimate comfort and relaxation. However, over time, the springs in your recliner may wear out, causing discomfort and a loss of support. In such cases, it becomes necessary to replace the springs to restore the recliner’s functionality.

But how do you measure recliner springs? Measuring the springs is crucial to ensure you get the right replacement parts for your recliner. In this guide, I will walk you through the steps to measure your recliner springs accurately.

How to Measure Recliner Spring?

How to Measure Recliner Springs
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If you are a DIYer or simply want to save money by replacing your recliner springs yourself, you will need to know what tools you need to measure recliner tension spring and how to measure recliner springs accurately.

Measuring your recliner springs is essential to ensure you order the right replacement parts and restore your recliner’s functionality. In this article, we will provide you with tools you will need and a step-by-step guide on how to measure recliner springs like a pro. So, let’s get started!

Tools You Will Need for Measuring Recliner Spring

Before you start measuring your recliner springs, you will need the following tools:

1. Measuring tape or ruler

2. Caliper

3. Pliers

4. Screw driver

If you don’t already have an idea about recliner springs mechanism, watch a video guide below!

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7 Steps to Measure Recliner Springs

Measuring recliner springs is a straightforward process that anyone can do. Follow these simple steps to get started:

Step 1: Remove the cushion

Start by removing the cushion from your recliner chair. This will give you access to the springs underneath.

Step 2: Locate the springs

Once you have removed the recliner cushion, look for the springs located on the seat and backrest of the chair.

Step 3: Measure the length of the spring

Using a measuring tape or ruler, measure the length of the spring from one end to the other. Ensure you measure the spring from the hooks on each end.

Step 4: Measure the diameter of the spring

Using a caliper, measure the diameter of the spring. Ensure you measure the widest part of the spring.

Step 5: Count the coils

Using a screwdriver or pliers, count the number of coils in the spring. Ensure you count all the coils, including the closed ones at each end.

Step 6: Determine the wire gauge

The wire gauge is the thickness of the wire used to make the spring. To determine the wire gauge, measure the diameter of the wire using a caliper.

Step 7: Record your measurements

Once you have measured all the necessary dimensions, record your measurements. This will help you when you need to order replacement parts for your recliner.

If you’re planning to replace a recliner spring, watch a detailed video guide on recliner spring replacement.

YouTube video

FAQs about Recliner Spring

Can I measure my recliner springs without removing the cushion?

No. You need to remove the cushion to access the springs underneath.

What is the best way to measure the diameter of the spring?

The best way to measure the diameter of the spring is to use a caliper.

Why is it essential to measure the recliner springs accurately?

Measuring the recliner springs accurately is crucial to ensure you get the right replacement parts for your recliner.

How often should I replace my recliner springs?

The frequency of replacing your recliner springs depends on how often you use the chair. As a rule of thumb, you should replace the springs every five to seven years.

Conclusion of Recliner Spring Measurement Guide

Measuring recliner springs is a simple process that anyone can do. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can measure your recliner springs accurately and order the right replacement parts. Remember to use the right tools, record your measurements, and replace your recliner springs every five to seven years for optimal comfort and support.

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