How to Adapt Recliner for Right Arm Surgery?

Did you just undergo a Brachioplasty and now your medical practice requires you to take a long week’s rest? Is the sore pain of your arm and your shabby armchair contributing to the never-ending misery of your healing period? Fret not because this guide will teach you the perfect way how to adapt a recliner for your right arm surgery.

A Brachioplasty is a 3-4 hour long clinical procedure that is highly invasive and tedious. Since the operation involves the placement of a universal mount ulnar saw guide, thus, it is crucial to ensure that the tissues and interosseous membrane do not get ruptured post-surgery. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the arm stays in an ideal position as instructed by your respective clinician.

What to Expect from Recliner for Right Arm Surgery?

how to adapt recliner for right arm surgery
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A right-arm surgery is usually done to overcome problems like lymphedema, carpal tunnel syndrome, cyst, etc. For that reason, a proper flow of blood containing oxygen is thus important to promote the regeneration and repairing of damaged tissue. Besides that, patients must also take all the required precautions to prevent the risk of any sort of inflammation or infection.

For this reason, it has been recommended by physicians time and time again to keep the operated arm in a certain position. The best way to do this is to prop the arm right above your heart while resting on your back with the support of a few soft and firm pillows.

Inclining your resting surface every time you have to sit can be a great hassle. Instead, you can finally put that shabby recliner to use and adapt the recliner for right arm surgery.

Doing so may not completely get rid of the complications involved in the recovery. But it will make the process smoother and quicker. Patients who complain about post-arm surgery complications such as arm tingling, infections, and severe aching feel much relieved when their sitting position is improved.

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Things to Consider while Adapting Recliner for Right Arm Surgery

How to Adapt Recliner for Right Arm Surgery - Things to consider

Adjusting Your Recliner

It is best to get an automatic power lift recliner for easy usage. However, you can also make use of the one already at your home. Before you start, there are several measures you must take to guarantee a comforting reclining experience for the patient. The first thing to do is to check the reclining tension i.e. how far the recliner leans back.

The tension can be adjusted by rotating the thumb wheel located at the side of the couch in small increments. You can check the adjustment by leaning on the chair with your legs stretched out. The most suitable way to go about it is to make one-quarter turns every time and in case the recliner requires loosening up then you can make a single clockwise half turn until it lands on the ideal degree of tension.

A second approach is to turn the recliner upside down to remove the recliner springs which are responsible for the backward movement of the armchair. To do this, you can replace rusty and damaged springs with pliers and install springs that have a diameter and are more sturdy.

Measures and Approaches

Another way to go about it is to vary the recliner pitch, this is a good way to adapt the recliner for right arm surgery. This is usually done by altering the cam bolts which are located inside a strong metal frame. A wrench can be used to loosen the bolts enough that it allows the chair to swing within its own position while the back bolts are completely removed.

You can test the recliner by observing whether your feet touch the ground and if your knees bend at the appropriate angle. This will ultimately lead to a better posture that is required for the wounded arm. Propping a few pillows below the right arm and a towel under the left will ensure your arms do not dangle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do recliners come apart?

Most recliners can be disassembled for easy transportation as they have built-in adjustable seats and easily removable levers.

Are recliners easy to move?

Moving a recliner can be a great hassle due to the weight of its couch and the heavy armrests. The shape of the recliner also discourages easy maneuvering through doors etc. However, most recliners can be easily disassembled.

Can adjustments be made to the recliner mechanism?

Adjustment mechanisms such as the lever and inner frame of the recliner determine its tension and pitch. This can be done by altering the appropriate bolts and rearranging the springs for a better reclining experience.

Wrapping Up Recliner Guide for Right Arm Surgery

You need not purchase a high-end lift chair recliner for your healing arm. It is always best to make quick changes to the one you have already because good posture and secure body position are the keys to a quick healing process after an extensive arm operation.

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