Power vs Manual Recliner: What’s the difference?

Never compromise when it comes to your ease, especially when you are choosing a recliner for yourself or for your loved ones. As we all know that whether the product is expensive or not it has some pros and some cons.

Let’s find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of each recliner type and who wins in the debate of power vs manual recliners. Let’s begin.

Power vs Manual Recliner Comparison

Power vs Manual Recliner
Featured Image: Power Recliner vs. Manual Recliner

What is Power Recliner?

What is Power Recliner

Powered recliners accommodate motors in them which are operated with the electric supply. They only function when they are connected to the power source. Moreover, they have various reclining positions, they can even transform into straight 180 degrees and one can get a comfortable sleep in a recliner. In addition to this, most powered recliners come with massage and heating options. Moreover, the intensity of the heat can also be modified according to your needs.

Powered recliners also have footrests and you can also change the position of the footrest according to your need. In addition to these, powered recliners come along with a cup holder, a side pocket for keeping accessories, and even a USB slot. However, the powered recliners are pretty expensive, and if the power supply is disconnected one would not be able to change positions. Also, have a look at my write-up on best remote control recliners

What is Manual Recliner?

What is Manual Recliner

Manual recliners have fewer reclining positions as compared to the power recliner. The position can be adjusted by leaning back on the chair. Most manual recliners don’t have footrests. However, the positive part about these recliners is they don’t need a power source and can be used any time as they work without electricity.

The manual recliners are light in weight as there is no motor in them. They can be carried easily from one place to another. One of the major drawbacks of manual recliners is they don’t have massage and heating options, thus it is not suitable for people with back pain.

In addition to all this, they come along with a cup holder and a side pocket for keeping accessories. Last but not least, they are comparatively expensive.

Power Recliner or Manual Recliner: Which one is better?

Powered or Manual Recliner: Which one is better?

This totally depends on your use. If you recently had surgery or you have severe back pain and the recliner chair is recommended by a doctor, then power recliners are the best, even if they are heavy on the pocket. But if you are considering buying a recliner just for daily ease then manual recliners are a good option as they have most of the features at an affordable price.

Final Thoughts

As each recliner type, manual and powered, has its own pros and cons thus we have found that you should choose the one which suits your requirement the most. If one is considering buying the recliner due to medical issues then powered recliners are the best as they have multiple features. But if one is considering buying it for daily relaxation and if one has a certain budget then manual recliners will be the best choice.

FAQs about Power and Manual Recliner

Can power recliners be operated manually?

No, power recliners cannot be operated manually as they are manufactured to work with the power supply only. However, there is a battery backup system in them, which works whenever the power supply gets out of order. With this backup battery, the recliner can be returned to its original position.

How long does a manual recliner last?

A manual recliner lasts from around 10 to 12 years if maintained properly.

Can you convert a manual recliner to a power recliner?

Yes, there are batteries and machine units available in the market now which can convert the manual recliner into powered recliners.

How do you maintain an electric recliner?

Clean the remote, power cord, and battery of the powered recliners with the vacuum or slightly wet cloth every once in three months because the dust particles accommodated in the motor of the recliner can damage its functioning and can reduce the lifespan of the motor.

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