Are Recliners Bad For Leg Circulation?

Are recliners bad for leg circulation or are they good? Why is everybody suddenly opposing each other in answer to this question? Should I keep using my recliner or should I stop? I know these questions and similar ones might be causing havoc inside your head and I wouldn’t blame you for it.

I know people love to give you advice no matter how shitty it might be. And frankly speaking, nobody even cares to even validate what they are saying anymore. However, you must get your facts straight in order to keep yourself from falling for bullshit advice and fake situations.

So, here’s the thing, recliners can be bad for leg circulation if you are not careful enough with the duration for which you use them on a daily basis. There are many other factors that determine how beneficial a recliner is going to prove to be for you.

In any case, I have prepared a brief article in which I go into the details of whether a recliner is good or bad for your leg and what things you must keep in mind while using a recliner. So, if you are interested in this topic at all, you must take a few moments and read out this entire article till the end.

Are Recliners Bad For Leg Circulation? – Detailed Answer

are recliners bad for leg circulation
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Anything that is misused or used rigorously for prolonged periods of time can turn out to be detrimental to your health rather than providing you any benefit. Even a little extra dose of medicine can get you on your deathbed. So, it is very important in life to keep a balance of all things good and bad. The same goes for recliners.

Even though recliners are made to provide you extreme levels of comfort and improve blood circulation in your entire body, it can do the exact opposite if you keep using them for longer than prescribed. Scientists have proven that a reclined position is the best posture for your entire body to relax as it puts the least amount of pressure on your spine, heart, and lower limbs. You can also read about best chairs for leg circulation.

In fact, in a reclined position your lower limbs are lifted slightly above your body level hence, reducing the stress and pressure on them and getting all the juices of the lymphatic system flowing throughout your body. As a result, you feel refreshed and well rested within minutes of your short reprieve into the heavens.

However, the sad truth is that a reclined position can only comfort you for a short period of time after which you start to feel negative effects on your body. Your joints start to ache due to poor circulation and your posture starts to change permanently. So, you need to be very careful with the durations you use a recliner so that you can keep track of the time you spend using it.

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How To Use A Recliner For Improved Leg Circulation?

You can always manipulate things to your benefit to get the most out of it and a recliner is no exception to this rule. Studies have proven that the first twenty minutes you spend sitting in a recliner in a proper way will provide you with the most benefits and after that, the benefits will start reducing up to a point after which you start facing only the negative impacts on your body.

To improve your experience you have to learn the proper way to use a recliner.

  • First, you have to make sure that you sit with your back flat against the lumber support of the chair. There shouldn’t be any gaps in between.
  • After that, adjust the footrest slightly above your heart and lean back slowly as you bring up your legs.
  • After that, wiggle in the chair a little just to let your muscles make room for themselves, and you are done! Now, simply set an alarm for not longer than thirty minutes. And just let your entire body relax.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can recliners cause knee pain?

A recliner can prove to be a contributing factor to your knee pain but it is not the root cause of it. Knee pain can be caused by direct injury, severe arthritis, or angina attacks however, sleeping in a reclined position can play as a trigger for this pain. This happens when you sit in a reclined position for longer than the prescribed time. It will put pressure on your knees and other joints causing it more difficult and probably painful for you to move around.

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Should your feet hang off the recliner?

Your feet hanging off the extreme end of the recliner is the prescribed position for your feet as it helps with maintaining the balance of your entire body weight, especially the lower limbs. However, make sure that the forests are positioned slightly higher than your heart so that your feet can dangle off on a higher spot.

Final Thoughts about Recliners Effects on Leg Circulation

So, this was all from my side. I hope you enjoyed this brief sneak peek into what might happen to your body if you don’t immediately change the way you might be misusing your recliner. Just remember that just like too much salt can make your dish bitter, too much comfort can make your life sour.

You definitely don’t want to struggle with locked knees, strained back, and unstretchable muscles but that is what you will get if you don’t immediately reduce your use of a recliner. And let me warn you that such effects are not easily reversible.

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