Best Wall Hugger Loveseat Recliners For RVs – Most Comfortable and Lightweight

A wall hugger loveseat recliner can add a lot of comfort to your RV life. The recliner combines a compact and lightweight profile to help you get unmatched comfort within a limited space.

RV owners love these recliners since they are the best way to spend some leisure time after a tough day of outdoor adventures. Depending upon your seating requirements, space available, and budget, you can choose a particular wall hugger loveseat recliner from hundreds of options available on the market.

Also, you need to consider other features like the comfort, recline feature, construction quality, and wall clearance for a trouble-free experience. After testing various options available in the market, we have selected the best wall hugger recliners that stood best in terms of quality and performance. Let’s have a look at them!

Best Wall Hugger Loveseat Recliners For RVs Overview

Best Overall Best Overall RecPro Charles Collection RV Recliner
  • Weight : 170 lbs.
  • Material: Polyurethane
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Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Flash Furniture Harmony Series Soft Loveseat Recliner
  • Weight : 100 lbs.
  • Material: Leather
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Premium Pick Premium Pick Camper Comfort Wall Hugger RV Recliner Loveseat
  • Weight : 350 lbs.
  • Material: Leather
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Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice Signature Design by Ashley Power Reclining Sofa
  • Weight : 252 lbs.
  • Material: Vinyl, Foam, Polyurethane, Leather, Metal
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Best Quality Best Quality RecPro Charles Collection Triple RV Recliner
  • Weight : 247 lbs.
  • Material: Faux Leather (Polyurethane)
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Budget Friendly Budget Friendly RecPro Charles 28″ RV Euro Chair Recliner
  • Weight : 100 lbs.
  • Material: Mahogany
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Lightweight Lightweight Newport Taupe Swivel Recliner Chair
  • Weight : 48.7 lbs.
  • Material: Faux Leather
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7 Best Wall Hugger Loveseat Recliners For RVs Review

Best Wall Hugger Loveseat Recliners For RVs

To help you choose the best wall hugger loveseat recliners for RVs here is a review of the seven best options.

1. RecPro Charles Wall Hugger Loveseat Recliners for Small Spaces


  • Weight: 170 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 30.25″D x 30″W x 38″H
  • Seat Capacity: 1
  • Color: Putty

RecPro Charles collection recliners feature a unique modular design making them a perfect fit for tight spaces like rigs and RVs. You will get a set of two RecPro Charles recliners offering incredible comfort and user-friendly ergonomics for a trouble-free experience on the go.

The recliners feature a super comfortable design with a padded headrest and armrest. The seat padding is also super bouncy and responsive making your relaxing session super comfortable after the tiring outdoor trips.

These recliners use a faux leather upholstery that is very light on the skin and offers long-term performance. Ease of cleaning is another perk of these wall-hugging recliners. The faux leather skin will not absorb any liquids or spills, allowing you to wipe out all the dirt with a mild soap and damp cloth. The recliner comes fully disassembled making it easier for you to transport them to the spot of installation.

An instruction manual along with all the hardware required for installation makes the installation process super quick and easy. The wall clearance required for the full recline is 12-inches, which is not the shortest but is pretty acceptable for most RVs. Since the recliners are designed with the need for compact spaces in mind, the seat size is relatively smaller than other recliners.

What I Like?

  • Easy installation
  • Easy to clean upholstery
  • Fully padded profile
  • Modular design for a perfect fit

What I Don’t Like?

  • Relatively smaller seat size

Why I Recommended RecPro Charles Loveseat Recliner

If you are looking for a modular style wall hugger loveseat recliner for your RV, consider this option by RecPro Charles Collection. With decent wall clearance and compact profile, the recliners offer excellent fit in compact spaces without limiting comfort. You can also read about restless recliner alternatives.

2. FlashFurniture Harmony Series Loveseat Recliner


  • Weight: 100 lbs
  • Dimensions: 56″W x 35-64″D x 38″H
  • Seat Capacity: 2
  • Color: Gray

Flash Furniture LeatherSoft loveseat with built-in recliners is another great option if you are looking for a two-seater sofa. This loveseat combines a compact profile with a spacious seat making it perfect for RVs and rigs.

Although it is a two-seater option, it is exceptionally lightweight and we found it pretty easy to install. The pillow cushion back combined with plush arms and leather soft upholstery makes it one of the most comfortable recliner loveseats.

Its lumbar support and headrest support are impressive allowing you to relax and sleep in a healthy posture. The sofa is padded with high CAL 118 fire retardant foam. It makes it highly responsive and supportive for maximum relaxation and comfort.

It uses high-quality faux leather offering a superior look and long-term performance. Faux leather is highly resistant to scratches and ripping giving you the best value for the money.

The manual recline feature comes with a smooth lever installed at the side. However, the levers are made with plastic that is not as steady as metallic levers. The reline feature is adjustable at various positions.

Even though it has an extensive recline feature, the wall clearance required is less than 5 inches which is pretty impressive. The low profile of the recliner makes it perfect for short persons.

What I Like?

  • Plush padded backrest and armrest
  • Spacious seats
  • Compact profile

What I Don’t Like?

  • Cheap plastic leveler

Why I Recommended FlashFurniture Loveseat Recliner

Flash Furniture Harmony loveseat recliner features a minimal design and well-padded seat profile and offers unmatched comfort. Its ultra-smooth recline feature coupled with lightweight and compact structure helps it stand among the best wall hugger recliners for RVs.

3. Camper Comfort Wall Hugger Reclining RV


  • Weight: 350 lbs
  • Dimensions: 67″ W X 41″ H X 30″ D
  • Seat Capacity: 2
  • Color: Cappuccino

Camper Comfort’s 67-inch wall hugger recliner sofa is our next choice for the list. This two-seater sofa meets all the needs of campers and the compact spaces in the RVs. The wall clearance required for these recliners is only 3-inches making them the best wall hugger recliners for RVs.

These recliners feature faux leather construction that offers a premium look and long-term performance The faux leather will not trap the dust and absorbs the spills making it super easy to clean.

Also, we loved the design and ergonomics of this loveseat recliner. It has a console between the seats that can hold two drinks. Also, two cup holders are installed with seats to help you keep your drinks at quick access. The overstuffed padding in the seat and backrest will help you enjoy some leisure time after a hard day on the trail.

The metal frame and durable construction make it a sturdy structure. It has an unbelievable weight holding capacity. It has manual recline features and you can set it at three different recline positions. The recliner features a super-smooth making the process quick.

Camper Comfort wall hugger loveseat recliner is among the top-rated option and we didn’t notice any significant design or performance flaw. However, this is one of the most expensive options you can buy in 2022.

What I Like?

  • Highly comfortable seat
  • Sturdy frame and structure
  • Cool design with a console

What I Don’t Like?

  • Slightly Expensive

Why I Recommended Camper Comfort Wall Hugger Reclining RV

Camper Comfort 67-inch wall hugger recliner offers the shortest in-class wall clearance making it a perfect option for RVs. Its professional-grade design combined with a sturdy metallic frame helps it stand among the best wall hugger loveseat recliners.

You may also be interested to read about best camo recliners

4. Signature Design by Ashley Power Reclining Sofa


  • Weight: 252 lbs
  • Dimensions: 84″ W x 40″ D x 43″ H
  • Seat Capacity: 3
  • Color: Brown

Signature Design by Ashely is a reliable furniture brand and their recliners are worldwide famous for the incredible comfort they offer. This recliner sofa with a seating capacity of three is one of the best options you can consider for RVs.

This is a luxury recliner loveseat that comes with a fully adjustable headrest, footrest, and recline feature. The recliner comes with a fully padded seat, backrest, and armrests.

The headrest is adjustable to help you sit and sleep in the most comfortable position for an untiring and healthy experience. A drop-down table further enhances the functionality of the unit. The table is a real space saver that folds down to save space when not in use.

In addition to that, it has a sturdy steel cup holder and USB inlet with each armrest. You can charge your phone and keep your drink at quick access. The power recline feature of this recliner helps you adjust the recline at various angles.

The headrest adjustability has also a power-support and we loved the super smooth customization offered by this chair. This recliner features professional-grade faux leather upholstery. It complements the luxury setup in the RVs and we found it pretty easy to clean.

This sofa comes partially assembled and can easily pass through doorways up to 32-inches. A minor assembly is required and you will get all the accessories required for the installation. The recliner needs a wall clearance of around 8-inches which is okay keeping in view an extensive recline feature of the sofa.

What I Like?

  • Best in class ergonomics
  • Premium grade faux leather construction
  • Requires minor installation
  • Power headrest and recline feature

What I Don’t Like?

  • Slightly more expensive
  • The USB port doesn’t work properly

Why I Recommended Signature Design by Ashley Reclining Sofa

Signature Design by Ashley wall hugger recliners combines a classy design with high-performance features making it the best option for  RVs. This sofa has a capacity of three people and comes with a fully adjustable design to help you relax in the healthiest and most comfortable posture.

5. RecPro Charles Triple Recliner – Zero Wall Clearance Reclining Loveseat


  • Weight: 247 lbs
  • Dimensions: 76 1/2″W x 36″D x 39″H
  • Seat Capacity: 3
  • Color: Mahogany

RecPro recliner sofa with a drop-down console is our next choice for the list of best wall hugger loveseat recliners for RVs.

This is a 3-seater wall hugger loveseat recliner that lets you spend some fun and relaxation time with your friends and loved ones. The compact and modular profile of the recliner makes it a great option for RVs.

The recline feature of this sofa is extensive. You can recline it in two positions. The first recline position is 53 inches, which is good if you want to relax while watching TV. If you want to sleep or take a nap in a recliner, you can further go down up to 63 inches.

The wide seats and overstuffed padding in the backrest and seat make the recliner highly comfortable. The armrest and headrest are fully padded and we loved the incredible lumbar support offered by the chair.

In addition to excellent ergonomics, this loveseat recliner boasts sturdy construction. The sturdy metal structure takes its weight-holding capacity to a whole new level.

However, the polyurethane fabric upholstery is not as durable as faux leather. It easily absorbs the spills and catches the dirt. Also, it starts ripping off quickly. The wall clearance required for this recliner is only 3-inches which is pretty impressive considering the extensive recline feature of this unit.

What I Like?

  • The wide and comfortable seat profile
  • Space-saving zero walls recliner
  • Sturdy steel structure

What I Don’t Like?

  • Subpar fabric quality

Why I Recommended RecPro Charles Triple Recliner

RecPro 80-inch wall hugger loveseat recliner with 3-person capacity is a great option for compact spaces and RVs. The recliner sofa comes partially assembled and needs only 3-inch wall clearance making it one of the best wall hugger loveseat recliners for RVs.

6. RecPro Charles RV Euro Chair Recliner


  • Weight: 50 lbs(each)
  • Dimensions: 34″D x 27″W x 40″H
  • Seat Capacity: 2
  • Color: Mahogany

The EURO chair recliner styles are getting popular for RVs as they combine compact design with incredible functionality. This is a compactly designed recliner with a highly comfortable profile and a drop-down console making it a perfect option for RVs.

You will receive two recliners in the package, and everything that you need to complete the installation. The most loved part of these recliners is their lightweight construction.

Each unit weighs only 50 lbs and its compact profile makes it pretty easy to maneuver and install in the RVs. The chair has a wide seat and a fully padded backrest and headrest. The cushion and support offered by the chair are incredible and it helps you relieve the back pain also. The maximum recline length offered by the recliner is 57 inches. However, it needs a wall clearance of at least 13 inches to utilize the full recline length.

However, the recline feature is remarkably smooth and you can adjust it to various positions. This feature helps you install the chair in compact spaces.

Additionally, its fully adjustable drop-down footrest allows you to sleep and relax in the most comfortable position. The faux leather sturdy construction looks great and promises reliable performance. Also, it doesn’t attract dirt and has minimum cleaning and maintenance requirements.

What I Like?

  • Lightweight and
  • Fully adjustable footrest
  • Premium grade faux leather construction
  • Minimum cleaning requirements

What I Don’t Like?

  • Needs extra wall clearance

Why I Recommended RecPro Charles Euro-style Recliner

If you are looking for a Euro-style recliner for your RV, this wall hugger recliner by RecPro Charles is the best option you can have. Lightweight construction combined with minimal design and fully customizable ergonomics makes them the best wall hugger loveseat recliner for RVs.

7. Newport Taupe Swivel Recliner Chair


  • Weight: 48.7 lbs.(each)
  • Dimensions: 42″D x 30″W x 40″H
  • Seat Capacity: 2
  • Color: Cream

Newport Taupe Swivel Faux leather recliner chair with a single seat capacity is our next choice for the list. This is a competitively priced option that offers incredible comfort in the RVs and living rooms.

The Newport living room recliner is built with the industry’s best material and promises reliable performance for many years to come. The chair has a detachable ottoman.

You can adjust the ottoman at various positions to sit in sleep in the healthiest posture. It promotes blood flow and is a perfect option if you’ve knee pain or back pain issues. The taupe bonded leather offers a superior look and rugged performance over years. The backrest and armrest are padded with high-density foam offering incredible cushion and support.

Plus solid spring support makes the recliner incredibly comfortable. It swivels at 360 degrees and offers a recline feature up to 45 degrees. For maximum recline, you need a wall clearance of around 8-inches. Also, you can save space by detaching the ottoman when not in use.

What I Like?

  • Customizable ottoman
  • Easy to install
  • Smooth recline feature
  • Premium grade construction

What I Don’t Like?

  • Needs more wall clearance

Why I Recommended Newport Taupe Recliner Chair

The Newport Taupe Leather recliner chair is among the most comfortable recliners we have ever used. This recline comes packed with an ultrasmooth recline and impressively comfortable design that help it stand among the best wall hugger loveseat recliners for RVs.

FAQs about Wall Hugger Recliners

What is a zero wall recliner?

A zero wall recliner is also called a wall hugger loveseat. These recliners easily fit in compact spaces with minimum wall clearance. You can install these wall recliners at a distance of 5-inches from the wall.

Are wall hugger recliners more expensive?

Yes, wall hugger recliners are more expensive than regular rocking recliners. The recliner uses the advanced mechanism to maintain extensive recline features within a limited clearance and also offer additional comfort in the living room.

What are RV recliners made of?

RV recliners are usually made of Faux Leather or any other variety of leather. Leather offers a classy look and is highly wear-resistant making it the best material choice for RVs. Also, the faux leather does not trap the dust and absorbs the liquids making it pretty easy to clean.

Wrapping Up Wall Hugger Loveseat Recliners For RVs Review

We are hopeful that this review will help you choose the best wall hugger recliner for your RV. All the recliners reviewed above are tested for quality and performance and you will not regret if you buy any product for the list. Out top three picks from the list are:

Adaptability and customization are the two crucial features you must look for while buying a wall hugger loveseat recliner. The adaptable design lets you adjust the recliner as per the space available and your requirements.

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